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If you only want to promote other people's products as an affiliate there is no charge to become a DUvisio Affiliate.
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For Vendors just getting started or just wanting to give DUvisio a try, this membership is for you.

Transaction Fee:
PayPal -
5% plus PayPal fees
Stripe - 5% plus Stripe fees

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Sellers can take advantage of lower fees, even more functionality and access to our team of JV Brokers.

Transaction Fee:
PayPal -
4% plus PayPal fees
Stripe - 4% plus Stripe fees

$97/month *

Private Network

If you have members who sell their own products and you would like them to promote one another. You can even pay commissions to Chapter or Region Leaders. Contact us about a Private Network.

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$997 **

* Both plans, Basic and Platinum, are available in our Private Network Plan.

** Private Networks are set up manually to your specifications.

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Special Features





Free to Join
Free to join as an affiliate or a vendor.
Reliable Support
A reliable support desk to help with any DUvisio problems within 24 hrs.
Instant Adaptive Payments
Instant Adaptive Payments to Vendors and Affiliates at the point of sale... (PayPal Only)
Automatic Profit Sharing
Automatic Profit Sharing Between JV Partners at the point of sale.

Autoresponder Integration
Instant integration with any autoresponder to build a customer list.

JV Partner Autoresponder Integration
Vendor can allow JV Partners to collect customer list in their own autoresponder.

Private Marketplaces
Vendor has the option of a Private Market Place that only invited affiliates can see.
Unlimited OTOs
Vendors can add as many One Time Offers (OTOs)or Upsells as needed.
Unlimited Downsells
Vendors can add as many downsells as needed.
Hosted Affiliate Tool Pages
Hosted affiliate tool pages containing swipe emails, tweets, banners, articles, blog posts, classified ads and more to make it easier for affiliates to promote the vendors' products.
Fraud Protection
Unequaled in Fraud Protection for affiliates and vendors.
Affiliate Fraud Elimintated
Affiliates NOT required to ask permission to promote vendors' products so vendors can make more income without worrying about affiliate fraud.
Vendors Can't Lose On Refunds
Vendors can easily retrieve instant commissions paid to affiliates in the event of a dispute or chargeback.
Easily Block Bad Affiliates
Can easily block any affiliate that has history of excessive refunds, difficult, annoying, fraudster, etc.
Sell Subscription Products
Vendors, JV Partners and affiliates will automatically be paid each time the customer is rebilled.
Sell Physical Products
Sell physical products, collect sales tax, shipping fees and shipping addresses.
Automate Fulfillment
Vendors can automatically submit orders to Fulfillment Houses.
Create Payment Plans
Create payment plans with as many payments as needed to complete the sale.
Dimesale Technology
Vendor can increase the price of a product based on the number of products sold.
Detailed Tracking
Detailed tracking reporting per product sold.
Affiliate Tracking
Detailed affiliate activity report tracking per product.
Test Mode
Allows vendors to test the complete sales process in the Sandbox before going live with just one click.
Customized Order Page
The Order Page can have the vendor's product header image as the header increasing the conversion rate.
Customize Thank You Page
Vendors have the ability to edit the Thank You Page with special instructions.
Infusionsoft Integration

Infusionsoft Integration allowing instant commissions while able to track all sales in the vendor's infusionsoft account. This includes the Infusionsoft autoresponder Integration.
Wishlist Member Integration.
Vendors who use Wishlist Member can have customers automaticall added into their Wishlist Member database.
Product RSS Feeds
Vendors can use RSS feeds to display all their Marketplace on their own website or sites like Facebook.

Vendors can create a coupon to give special prospects a discount, a trial period and a new subscription or payment plan when purchasing vendor's products.
(1 per prod)
(4 per prod)
(4 per prod)
Direct Affiliates
Vendors can easily invite affiliates from their own website to build your own affiliate army with the Direct Affiliate Button. Vendor's affiliates will see just the vendor's products all in one marketplace to avoid competition from other vendor's products.
Affiliate List
Vendor's affiliates are automatically added to the vendor's autoresponder so the vendor can easily communicate with his/her affiliates.

InstaJV as easy way to attract and find Joint Venture Partners.
Embedded Payments
DUvisioPay Embedded Payments allow customers to pay for their purchase without leaving your website. (DUvisioPay users only)

eCommerse Cart
Multiple products can be added to the shopping cart where the customer only needs to add their credit information once to make their purchase and the vendors of each product can still automatically pay affiliates and partners.
DUvisio Virtual Terminal
DUvisioPay's Virtual Terminal can be used to take orders over the telephone or at events and still pay affiliates and partners. (DUvisioPay users only)

Magic Order Button
The Magic Order Button allows you to use other payment networks at the same time as using DUvisio with only one Sales letter for all networks with one order button. If a customer comes from a different network than DUvisio the payment will be processed through the other network.
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