Key Features

DUvisio Makes It Possible For Vendors To Accept All Major Credit And Debit Cards With An Affiliate Program!

Credit and Debit Card Processing - DUvisio is integrated with PayPal and Stripe with DUvisioPay a real Merchant account coming soon...

  • PayPal itegration is activated on your initial registration.
  • Stripe can be easily integrated from the member's area and is recommended for all Vendors to do.
  • DUvisioPay is comming soon which is a real merchant account and will result in lower processing fees.
  • All payment processes can automatically pay affiliate, partners and broker commissions.

INTRODUCING: DUvisio's eWallet System!

eWallet system allows automated payments to your affiliates.

  • Your affiliates can choose whether they want to receive their commissions via PayPal or ACH transfer to their bank account.
  • This allows you to pay affiliates from any country.
  • The eWallet guarantees your affiliates will receive their commissions!

The DUvisio eWallet System is not activated unless the affiliate is not approved through the same processor the vendor is using. Example... If the vendor is selling through PayPal and the affiliate does not have a PayPal account the eWallet will still guarantee that the affiliate receives the income that has been earned.

To prevent affiliate fraud all eWallet funds are held for 30 days before being released for payout to affiliates.

DUvisio uses ACH to send money from the eWallet directly to the affiliate's bank account.

Only at DUvisio... "Your Own PRIVATE Marketplace!"

At DUvisio you can have your own PRIVATE Marketplace that spotlights only YOUR products from your entire product line!

  • With your own PRIVATE Marketplace, you'll be able to choose whether you want your products listed in ONLY your Private Marketplace, or in both the Public and Your Private Marketplace.
  • You'll have an entire PRIVATE Marketplace showcasing just YOUR products that you can use in your marketing campaigns!
  • You can also create up to 5 Custom Marketplaces that contain ANY products you want from DUvisio, complete with your Affiliate Links embedded in each one!

Why is this such a big deal?

On other Affiliate/Vendor Platforms, you have 2 choices: put your products in the public marketplace so that prospective affiliates (including fraudulent affiliates) can find them to promote, or don't have them listed in a marketplace at all.

But that means that you wouldn't ever want to send your prospects and customers to the marketplace to find your products. They'd be distracted by all the other "shiny objects" that they could buy (including your competitors products - possibly listed right next to your own!).

With Your DUvisio Elite Membership, you'll be able to use your PRIVATE Marketplace in your marketing campaigns so you can get customers to buy again and again and even encourage affiliates to promote regularly!


  • Sending your customers to your PRIVATE Marketplace when they log out of your Members Area (so they can see all the other great products they could buy!)
  • Sending weekly emails to your Affiliates with a link to your PRIVATE Marketplace (so they can find a product to promote that week!
  • Listing the URL of your PRIVATE Marketplace on all your Social Profiles - Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more! (so that your friends, fans and followers can see your ENTIRE product line and buy!)

For your Private Marketplace and all 5 Custom Marketplaces, you'll have an RSS Feed that can allow you to pull the Marketplace into your website, into your Facebook page, submit the RSS Feed to RSS Directories and more!

Take Members to your Private Marketplace when they logout of your Member's Area to encourage repeat purchases!

Send Affiliates to your PRIVATE Marketplace to find more products to promote!

With your own PRIVATE Marketplace on DUvisio, you'll really set your business apart from the crowd and show the world that you're a force to be reckoned with!

INTRODUCING: InstaJV Funnel System!

What the heck is an "InstaJV Funnel System"?

  • When you include your product in the DUvisio Public Marketplace you have the option of including the "Integrate JV" badge on it. This alerts other Sellers that you're open to a Joint Venture that would include your product in their funnel!
  • This is the most powerful Joint Venture there is called Integration Marketing.
  • This also alerts other sellers that you are open to other types of Joint Ventures.

In an Affiliate Network like DUvisio, the way that Affiliates find your products to promote them is by your listing them in the Network's Marketplace. DUvisio works the same way.

But with Lorenzo Hickey, as one of the DUvisio Founders, that wasn't enough of a focus on Joint Ventures for him! So DUvisio created:

The "Integrate JV" badge is clickable by the other Seller. It opens a page where they'll be able to get your name and email address to contact you OR they can choose to get the assistance of DUvisio's Team of Certified JV Brokers*! Our Certified JV Brokers will then work with you and the other Seller to figure out the most strategic approach to the funnel and guide you to setting everything up!

In the setup process, you and the other Seller will work together to have the front end product tied to the next product in the funnel as a "child product" so that the customer experiences a smooth flow from one Seller to the next!

Affiliates promoting the funnel will be able to be paid INSTANTLY on every product in the funnel, helping to maximize the promotional power behind your campaign!

* Certified JV Brokers receive 10% of all sales for this type of consultation. You can also get the help of the Certified JV Brokers to reach more Affiliates and JV Partners to increase the sales even further!

Work Accross Multiple Platforms Using DUvisio's "Magic Order Buttons"!

DUvisio's Magic Order Button - DUvisio is all about helping Vendors make more money!

With the Magic Order Button vendors only need one sales letter with one order button to process payments through multiple payment networks. Example... If you have affiliates in another network that sends traffic to your sales letter with a Magic Order Button, the sale would process through the other network and properly track the affiliate.

  • The Magic Order Button helps vendors expand their circle of influence making it easier to reach more potential customers through more than one network and only need one sales letter for all the networks.
  • The Magic Order Button makes it much easier make a move to DUvisio if you are already using another payment platform. You do not have to make duplicate sales letters or just leave the other network to start using DUvisio.
  • With the Magic Order Button you use your own order button images so the only difference is the code that runs the order button. So your sales letter looks the same as it always did.

Did You Know DUvisio Practically Eliminates All Affiliate and Vendor Fraud!

Unequalled Fraud Prevention - Other platforms let the affiliates and vendors to fend for themselves with no fraud protection.

  • Vendors don't have to approve affiliates as the DUvisio software uses PayPal's security to approve only trust worthy affiliates. So PayPal determines which affiliates will receive instant payments.
  • Affiliates are paid by PayPal removing payment responsibilities from Vendors guaranteeing all Affiliates are paid when promised.

"Just How Does DUvisio Protect You From Vendor and Affiliate Fraud?"

Unequalled Affiliate Fraud Prevention - Eliminates All Affiliate Fraud!

  • All other platforms require the vendors to approve affiliates and which ones would receive instant commission payments. Vendors don't have to worry about approving any affiliates because DUvisio has removed all affiliate fraud because PayPal determines which Affiliates will receive Instant commission payments. Vendors don't do any affiliate approval at DUvisio.
  • Only affiliates who have a verified Business PayPal account can receive instant commission payments. All affiliates with a non-verified PayPal account can only receive delayed commission payments.
  • All delayed affiliate commission payments are paid automatically from the vendor's PayPal account 30 days after the sale is made. If a vendor's PayPal account does not have enough money to pay an affiliate commission, PayPal will take the money from the vendor's bank account or credit card, which the vendor has approved as their back up funds and pays the affiliate commission.
  • This guarantees that all affiliates with delayed commissions will be paid. The only time a delayed commission is not paid is when a customer has received a refund.
  • When a customer pays with a credit or debit card, all affiliate commissions are paid instantly into the affiliate's DUvisio Wallet account and transfered directly into the affiliate's bank account 30 days after the date of the sale unless a refund has taken place.
  • So, affiliates are not paid by the vendors, but by PayPal or DUvisio Wallet.
  • DUvisio saves the vendors time and worry since affiliates don't need to be approved and DUvisio directs the payments of all affiliates for the vendors.

Unequalled Vendor Fraud Prevention - Eliminates All Vendor Fraud!

  • Vendors don't have the ability to prevent paying an affiliate that has earned a commission.
  • All vendors at have Verified PayPal Business Accounts, even if they are just using Stripe. If a vendor's PayPal account does not have enough money to pay an affiliate commission, PayPal will take the money from the vendor's bank account or credit card, which the vendor has approved as their back up funds and pays the affiliate commission.
  • When Stripe is used by a vendor the affiliate's commissions are separated from the vendor's Stripe account instantly at the point of sale and deposited into the affiliate's DUvisio Wallet account Then paid to the affiliate's bank account 30 days after the date of the sale.
  • This guarantees that all affiliates with delayed commissions will be paid. The only time a delayed commission is not paid is when a customer has received a refund.

Get More Sales Using DUvisio's Extremely flexible Coupons!

Coupons - Give Special Groups A Discount!

Vendors are able to create a unique coupon code that can be given out to special people or groups that will provide a special discount on their purchase.

  • The coupon can lower a default price, add a trial period, make a subscription trial period longer or change the amounts due on a subscription.
  • This coupon code is applied to the order page and the customer will see the changes the coupon code provides.

Affiliates Don't Need A Vendor's Permission To Earn A Commission

Real Global Cookies - Life Time last affiliate cookies!

  • When you promote a vendor's product, you are automatically cookied for all products at Not just for a specific vendor. If a customer purchases another vendor's product and you are cookied to that customer, you will receive a commission payment.
  • You will automatically be paid a commission for upsells and downsells unless the vendor is not paying any commission on these products.
  • Your cookie will continue to earn commissions until it is overwritten by another affiliate cookie.

Three Types Of Offline Payment Processing Coming Soon!

Offline Payment Processing - Process offline and still automatically pay affiliate, partners and broker commissions!

  • Use DUvisio's "Virtual Terminal" to process payments at the back of the room sales and other indoor or outdoor events.
  • DUvisio is mobile ready so DUvisio's Virtual Terminal processing can be used from a cell phone.
  • Use DUvisio's ACH or Wire Transfer processing to have customers pay for very large ticket sales. align=
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